20 Minutes Works?

Maximize Your Time

Back in Power utilizes a training method that is based on scientific research of thousands of clients by exercise scientist Doug McGuff and fitness researcher John Little, authors of Body by Science. This training method focuses on slow reps with heavier weights to build muscle in just 20 minutes a day. In fact, it is so effective that you must rest at least 32-48 hours between each workout to ensure that the muscles have properly recovered!

The Safest Way to Workout

The Back In Power Program is the safest, most efficient exercise technology known. It was originally developed for the treatment of osteoporosis at a major medical school. Yet it had such a dramatic impact on all of the other biological systems that researchers recognized it as the ideal protocol for physical conditioning. And it requires just minutes once or twice a week!

What! Just minutes? That’s right. You see, the Back In Power program is the stimulus for biological change. Your own body actually produces these changes as a result of the stimulus. In order for your body to change, we need to provide the proper amount of rest, nutrition, but most importantly, time, between workouts. Time to build fat-burning, heart-strengthening, bone-building, joint-stabilizing, lean muscle-toning tissue. And after the body has had enough time to produce these changes, we provide another stimulus.

A Science-Based Approach to Workouts Produces Results

  • Build muscle size and strength
  • Improve cardiovascular health
  • Speed up your metabolism
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Increase insulin sensitivity
  • Improve flexibility
  • Manage arthritis
  • Prevent chronic back or neck pain
  • Build bone density and reduce risk of osteoporosis
  • Reduce your risk for diabetes, cancer, heart attack, and other health diseses

The Benefits of 20 Minutes

Between family and career, it can be very challenging to find the time to commit to your personal well-being. Every minute devoted to exercise should produce the greatest return, getting the maximum possible results in the minimum time necessary.

Back In Power strips away the fluff of conventional exercise, resulting in the safest, most efficient way to increase cardiovascular efficiency, muscular strength and endurance, bone density, and metabolism. Enhanced flexibility, injury prevention, and functional restoration are also natural results. Stimulating these changes takes very little time; just 20 minutes, once or twice a week.

Your time is valuable.

So, since you are spending the time and making the investment, why not get the best results possible?

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