For Healthcare Professionals

Long Term Benefits — Physicians

  • Decreased reutilization of the health care system by chronic patients
  • Patients take responsibility for their own care
  • Emphasis on return of function and not just pain relief
  • Back In Power works closely with referring physicians to provide optimum care.
  • We do not support symptom exaggeration or malingering. If such behavior is present it is fully documented and, if persistent, the patient is discharged. We have no alliances with either insurance companies or the legal profession. We simply "call 'em as we see 'em".

Superior for Cardiovascular Exercise and Rehabilitation

  1. Safer form of rehabilitation because of fewer rhythm problems compared to traditional aerobic activity.
  2. Safe stimulation of peripheral muscles improving peripheral muscle weakness (myopathy) associated with heart failure and aging.
  3. Beneficial effect on Blood Pressure, Lipids, Glucose Tolerance.

    Charles Christian, MD
    Cardiac/Thoracic Surgeon

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