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Recently, the CBS News program "48 Hours Investigates" featured a similar program in New York City ("Feel the Power" November 29, 2003). CBS correspondent Lesley Stahl and ABC competitor Barbara Walters had been doing the regimen as part of their personal exercise training program. 'Does it really work?' skeptics wondered.

To find out, 48 Hours Investigates asked identical twins Kelli and Vanessa Dunn, plus-size models living in New York City, to do a little experiment.

The 29-year-old twins say even plus-size models have to watch just how "plus" they are. "I've never, ever been able to wear a bikini. Never, ever could wear a half shirt halter-top, cute clothes. Those low rise jeans . oh heck, no," says Vanessa, who wants to lose 10 pounds.

48 Hours asked the twins to follow two separate exercise programs. They had five weeks to reach their goals. And they were also told to follow the same diet.

Vanessa was asked to do a traditional cardio regimen three to four days a week. "I'm already dreading tomorrow or the next day," said Vanessa, who started her program at the midtown Manhattan Gold's Gym.

Kelli tried the Back In Power-based program just once a week for 20 minutes. "I can't say it was quick and painless, but it was quick," she said.

In fact, it's so quick that while Vanessa was spinning, bouncing, crawling and dancing away, Kelli was out shopping and having fun.

After five weeks, the experiment was over.

Kelli had lost a total of 15 pounds and 8 inches across her chest, waist and thighs. Vanessa, who did the cardio workout, lost only 4 pounds and 4 inches. "I was literally putting in 5 hours a week. She was putting in 20 minutes," says Vanessa. "And she did more than 3 times more weight loss than I had, so the proof's in the pudding."

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