Back in Power!

This is not about the Clinton's attempt to regain the White House (although it would be entertaining to see Bill as the First Man).

Having the money to enjoy life and actually enjoying life are not related. One area that prevents many people from enjoying life is chronic back pain. I had suffered back pain for thirty years. I tried everything short of surgery (many surgery patients never seem to be better off and some seem worse). Chiropractors gave me some relief but the pain never completely went away.

Then I found Back in Power, Inc. in San Ramon. Dennis Beckman's treatment was different. In a few weeks the pain was gone. That was over a year ago. Now my back (and the rest of me) is stronger then ever. Last New Years Eve a friend came hobbling into my home. Nellie was grumbling about giving up golf and needing back surgery. I spent most of my New Years Eve convincing him to give Back in Power a chance. [Nelson Atkinson's testimonial is below.]

Rob Regan
Regan Financial Group
Tel: 925.820.0640


Exercise Relieved the Pain of my Herniated Disc!

Suffering from a herniated disk, I had tried chiropractic, acupuncture and even an epidural injection. My next option was surgery. Rob Regan recommended that I see Dennis at Back in Power. After the first visit, I felt relief. After the second visit, I was relieved of all back pain. Continuing to work out at Back in Power; I am now able to play golf and run on a regular basis. If you suffer, as I did, from back trouble, give Dennis a call. You will be amazed with the speedy results.

Nelson Atkinson
Contra Costa Painting
Concord, CA
Tel: 925.676.8713


Defeating Back Pain and Osteoarthritis

Dear Dennis:

This is to confirm how pleased I am with the results of my Back In Power sessions. I have suffered for nearly 30 years with recurring back pain, I have a problem with my neck and spine that causes me much discomfort, and I have serious osteoarthritis in my right knee that I have a bone-on-bone situation for which the orthopedic doctors advised me the only real solution to my pain in that area is a knee replacement. On top of all that, I went through radiation therapy 2 years ago for prostate cancer that resulted in a substantial loss of general strength and stamina. The result was that, at 68 years old, I felt about 80, and wondered if I would ever feel really good again.

After 4 months in your Back In Power program, I can report that my back and neck rarely hurt, my knee is still tender but the intense pain is gone and I can walk reasonably normally, and my strength and stamina are nearly back to where I was in my pre-cancer days. You have made a new man out of me, and I cannot recommend your services highly enough. I wish your facility had been available to me years ago, and I am looking forward to continuing to receive the benefits of your expertise for a long time to come.


Phil E. VanSwoll, CIC, CPIM
President / CEO
Concal Insurance Services

Back In Power Continued Where Physical Therapy Left Off

I am writing this note as a testimonial based strictly upon my personal experience using "Back In Power" as my primary physical conditioning/body maintenance program for the past two months.

As a medical & mental health professional, I am inherently skeptical of any product or service for which there is no "hard data" to support claims made, particularly if they are inordinately extravagant as such.

I had injured my lower back approximately one year ago, while stupidly lifting a very heavy computer server which I could only hold out in front of me based upon where it was located. I thus caused a bulge to one of my spinal disks aggravating some mild osteoarthritis which was normal for my age of 67. All of this was exacerbated while attempting to prevent the fall of a fellow hiker on a South American trip, my right knee was badly twisted as I came down after catching her. Between my injured back and the now newly torn cartilage in my knee, I was in misery. I tried 4 months of physical therapy 3 times a week, several visits to my orthopedist and a variety of exercises and hot/cold treatments and wraps suggested to me by colleagues in various areas of orthopedics. Improvement was nil. Given that I thrive on physical exercise, love to play tennis, workout, run and do tournament slalom water skiing, I was extremely frustrated and in constant discomfort. At just about this point, I received a flyer at my office announcing the opening of "Back In Power" with a brief overview of the program written by Dennis Beckman. I was so miserable that I decided to find out more about exercise with resistance training and called Dennis. He invited me to come by for a demonstration session which I did that very week. I was hooked from the get go! After just the "demo session", my lower back felt much better and I realized how much better when I wasn't in misery while in bed that night! I could not believe this had happened particularly given how skeptical and analytical I am. The rest is history. I purchased 50 sessions in advance and have been taking Dennis' "Back In Power" training twice a week for just about two months. My lower back is 85-90% healed and my right knee is pain free most of the time and is also improving rapidly. Trust me when I say that I am not willing to give endorsements lightly, but this program is phenomenal.

My wife and I just returned from a 2 week cruise and to my amazement, I found myself running 3 miles on the ships treadmill and then doing another 40 minutes of an upper and lower body workout while not even breathing hard and being discomfort free! All of this the result of "Back In Power" training!

I am more than impressed and extremely grateful. Thank you, Dennis. As my grandchildren would say, "you rock, dude"!


Dr. Alan Brast
San Ramon, CA

I Avoided Surgery With a 12 Week Treatment

I am 39 years old and I had lower back problem for more than 8 years now. Last December 2006, I had a bad episode of low back pain and Sciatica due to lifting stuff in our house because we were moving. It lasted for more than 11 weeks. I couldn't work and most of the time bed-ridden because of that. After my back got better, I started researching in the internet and found about this clinic that strengthens your spine to avoid injuring your back. I've had back pains on and off for so many years now and I have tried almost everything. My doctor injected steroids on my back and he said that the next step to consider was surgery. I also did rehab three times through a Physiotherapist. I tried two different types of Chiropractors, one that adjusts your upper extremities and one that adjusts your lower extremities. All of these treatments did not do much for my lower back, back pain just kept on coming back. My doctor said that I had degenerated discs and my sciatic nerve was being pinched. I almost gave up and was about to consider surgery until I found this clinic, www.backinpowerinc.com that specializes in strengthening your spine. The clinic is operated by Dennis Beckman who assists in every exercise that you will perform. They use a different type of back machine that isolates the muscle around your spine. No unnecessary movements or jerking can be done because you are all strapped up to the machine.

After 12 weeks of treatment which just finished last May 07, my back felt so much better. It's now much, much stronger that ever before. I started riding my mountain bike and road bike again. I played golf, played tennis and did yard work also. So far it has been more than 1 month that I have been doing different activities and my back is still holding up.

Thank you so much Dennis for helping me feel better. I know my Church and I prayed for a cure for my back problem and God sent you to help me. May God bless you, Dennis.

Gilbert Cruz
Dublin, CA
(925) 487-8359

Note: Please feel free to contact me if you want to learn more about my experience. 

I Was Able to Dance With My Husband on Valentine's Day

14 March 2007


I am a 63 year old woman who has had osteoporosis and arthritis in the hips for 10 years. I took calcium supplements plus Fosamax for 5 years, was given infusions, and have been on calcium supplements plus Actenol for 4 years. None of those therapies helped. I tried physical therapy in Salinas, but it seemed to do no good. In March 2006 I began physical therapy by Dennis Beckman at Back In Power in San Ramon.

In November 2006 I had a Dexascan of my hip. The radiologist was impressed with the results and told me "Continue your therapy!" When I discussed it with my doctor, she said, "Your hip bones are stronger than they were at your last test. Keep doing what you're doing!" I was delighted, but privately thought the real test would come in February. For the past 5 years I have had terrible pain in my hip during February (barometric pressure, rain???). Four years ago on Valentine's Day my husband wanted to take me out to dinner. I could not walk from the parking lot to the restaurant. My husband had to stop the car near the door, help me TO the door, and then go park the car. It was embarrassing and I felt 90 years old! This February I had very little discomfort and my mobility is slowly improving. We went dancing on Valentine's Day! This therapy works!

I would advise anyone with hip or back problems (or who simply want to avoid future problems) to visit Back in Power and schedule an appointment with Dennis Beckman. I'm confident he will come up with a program that will be most beneficial.


Lenore D. Green
Salinas, CA

Back In Power Exercise Helps Prevent Injuries

I have been working out for years. Going to the gym or working out at home 4 to 5 days a week. Even with all the exercise and weight training I have done, I would still hurt my back working around the house or pull my hamstring playing softball.

After talking with Dennis Beckman and learning more about Back In Power's approach, I was excited to try something new. Having the opportunity to workout as little as two times a week for just 20 minutes per session, sounded too good to be true.

In just a few months working with Dennis, I noticed absolutely incredible results. My family and I went snow skiing for 2 days. Usually, after the first day of skiing, I am so sore that the remaining days are not that enjoyable. I skied both days on our trip, and I did not have any soreness in my entire body. It was like I did not ski a single run. I have also gone through several seasons of softball with out pulling a hamstring or sustaining any injuries. The Back In Power approach has been amazing.

Ken Madsen

Riley Design Associates, LLC
Tel 925.659.3301


My Girlfriend Thought I Was a New Man

Back in 1994, I herniated the disc between L4 and L5 in my lower back. The pain I suffered debilitated me, keeping me from work and almost any activity without severe pain in the lower back and right leg. Walking, riding in cars, even sitting for more than a couple of minutes, flared up the pain in my low back and right leg. The pain lasted 2 years with daily doses of pain killers doing little to mask the pain. I elected to have back surgery in 1996. The recuperation process was slow, lasting over a year with occasional painful set backs even when I was careful.

I thought my days of sports and dancing were over! I feared the results of load-based activity or body torquing movement would re-injure my back. I didn't push it and limited myself.

Over time, I was able to take one long walks, some hiking, and social dancing, but not anything like prior to my injury.

In late 2006, I met Dennis Beckman of Back In Power. He recommended a progressive method that had the potential to strengthen my back and better prepare me overall for any activity I saw fit.

I never worked with a personal trainer before, so I decided to give it a try. I wasn't too concerned I would hurt myself because I had learned to pace myself and recognize when I was doing too much!

After working with Dennis for (32 sessions, 4 months) on a variety of targeted apparatus, I am much stronger overall now. I feel more energized throughout the day. I have shifted body fat into more lean muscle. I even got some new clothes after shedding some inches. Friends and family notice that I look more fit and healthy. I have more stamina now when it comes to dancing than I did before the program with Back In Power.

My girlfriend really noticed a positive physical change in me after she came back after a trip of a couple of weeks. She said "I went away and came back, now I have a new boyfriend!"

The one-on-one training that Dennis provides is unlike anything that I have gone through before. No one else is in the training room, no music, just Dennis! He educates you on the correct technique for all apparatus. He helps correct any mistakes you might make to give you the most efficient workout. He works with you through every repetition!

The sessions last no longer than about 20 minutes, but you feel thoroughly strengthened and fatigued after each session. The results definitely show and can be felt with consistency.

A few of the machines are so specifically targeted for the lower back and spine that I am not sure any exercise you could do on your own could achieve the same strengthening results!

Twice a week for 30 minutes a session, really improves your overall strength, stamina, and conditions you for anything you want to do! Can't miss with Dennis and Back In Power!

Richard K. Yee
Graphic Designer/ Dance Instructor
Concord, CA


Minimize Back Pain & Prevent Injuries

Dear Mr. Beckman:

I have to say that Back In Power will be a big success. I know this because your system works! After 8 weeks only 20 minutes twice a week I feel stronger and even more confident of my ability to do things that I had stayed away from for the past 12 years.

Back in 1992, I had a back injury that herniated L4 & L5 discs. This meant a dramatic life style change. Over the years I dealt with severe pain, most of which subsided over the years with medication and physical training and lots of hiking.

Unfortunately life is not perfect. Managing the pain, finding the time to manage my back problem has been a challenge over the years. But then I found "Back In Power". I have to say WOW! what a difference. Here is a program that only takes 20 minutes twice a week and the results are just phenomenal. I have never felt so strong in years, even before my injury. This proven physical training really works. The subtle pain that I had in my back disappeared! I have even been able to do certain back movements that I have never been able to do in the past. Even during activities that require lots of endurance don't even cause soreness. It is amazing that the equipment is similar to big box companies but with much more physical control and the requirement of personal training.

What makes the difference is the personal 1-on-1 training, incredible equipment and mental support. With that and the special equipment and the "Back In Power" system of workout I am a new person. "Back In Power" is the only physical training system that actually worked for me. I recommend this form of workout for anyone, regardless of physical ailments. Why have a need because of ailments when this system would prevent injuries too!

Thanks Dennis!


German Lopez
San Ramon, CA

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