Why Back In Power?

Back In Power is a private, one-on-one personal exercise training facility that uses the safestmost productive clinical exercise technology known.

Our clients achieve

  • 3-6 times greater fat loss than those using conventional exercise programs
  • 100-300 % increase in overall lower back and neck strength within 8-12 weeks

Our university-developed, medically preferred programs have a proven track record to give our time-conscious clients the opportunity to take control of their lives physically, allowing them to devote more time toward family, career, and recreational pursuits. Back In Power is the best choice for maximum results in minimum time.

Back In Power for Cardiovascular Exercise and Rehabilitation

  1. Safer form of rehabilitation because of fewer rhythm problems compared to traditional aerobic activity.
  2. Safe stimulation of peripheral muscles improving peripheral muscle weakness (myopathy) associated with heart failure and aging.
  3. Beneficial effect on Blood Pressure, Lipids, Glucose Tolerance.

    Charles Christian, MD
    Cardiac/Thoracic Surgeon

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