Training For Women

There are several common myths or misconceptions related to women and training. It is sometimes assumed that because women have less muscle mass potential than men, that resistance training is less important and less well suited. In fact, for this reason resistance or weight training is even more important for women! An exercise plan that takes this into account is the ideal way to reduce weight effectively.

Will I Get Too Bulky From Lifting Weights?

Many women fear weight training because they are afraid of building large muscles, however, it is not physically possible to build that level of muscle tone without the right levels of testosterone in their body or without the help of steroids. Instead of getting bulkier muscles, women will develop denser muscle mass and actually build up a leaner appearance as they reduce their fat weight and replace it with lean muscle. In addition, this lean muscle burns more calories and helps build up a faster metabolism for ongoing benefits - even as you sleep! Did you know that Marilyn Monroe - one of the most idolized women in film history - worked out and weight trained to stay healthy?

Wedding Day Diets & Fitness

Preparing for an upcoming wedding can leave the bride-to-be with little time to care for herself yet creates an absolute date where she wants to look and feel her best. Wedding day goals often include general fitness as well as weight loss to look her  best on her wedding day on her special day.

Back in Power provides a slow motion weight training technique to offer maximum results with a minimum of time commitment - in fact only 20 minutes a day 1-2 times a week! For a busy bride this is the ideal way to prepare for her wedding day. These exercises are performed are highly specialized equipment and result in significant physical improvement much faster than "traditional" training methods. In addition, there is a reduced risk of injury (these exercises are highly controlled) and therefore are the ideal way to train before any big event.

Can I Spot Treat to Reduce Fat in Certain Areas of My Body?

Spot treating, or spot reduction, is a myth - an overall physiological impossibility. Every person stores fat differently in their bodies. This fat storage can also be affected by behavior patterns, such as lack of sleep, which leads to cortisol encouraging fat storage on the stomach. However, there is hope. There can be the appearance of fat reduction. These results occur when direct exercise is applied to an area of poor muscle tone. While this will result in little noticeable change in body weight or girth, it will help tone the body and create a leaner appearance.

Can I Workout During Pregnancy?

The Back in Power method of strength training is especially effective for pregnant women because of the reduced risk of injury. Although this method is a high intensity style of training, the actual movements are slow motion and was first developed to help osteoarthritis patients to build up bone density.

All pregnancies are different so be sure to check with your doctor first. Once you have been cleared to workout, staying in shape is not only a great way to maintain your overall health while pregnant, it will also prepare you for the strains of labor, delivery and help encourage a swift recovery. Labor and delivery are very strenuous and the best way to make the process easier is to prepare the event, as you would any other athlete or professional training for an event. Rather than taking time off and losing conditioning, take the time to train so that you can bounce back to your pre pregnancy condition sooner.

Can Older Women Strength Train?

Yes! The Back in Power method of training was actually first utilized to help osteoarthritis patients exercise and increase bone density. This scientifically proven method of strength training is high intensity but low impact. Our weight training program will increase bone density at a controlled rate that will leave you feeling empowered, rather than floundering, at a gym.

Want to learn more about the science behind this exercise? Read "Body By Science" - Especially for Women to learn why high intensity exercise and proper nutrition are vital for weight loss for women.

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